The sound of my soul.


Flood of tears. Something I thought will never occur in my life too soon. I got chained mentally to a shore because I tried to jump into the water – sea of emotions. What I did not know is that I was controlling the waves by myself… all I had to do is believe. There is a dawn after the twilight of the mind. At least this was what people were telling me… apparently they were right.

I tried so much to hide this part of me… so much that it came to me in human form… and I have fallen for him like a child. I had no control. It was over. No more hiding. I wish I could play Chopin for him, but now it’s too late. Similarities drove us apart. None of us was ready to look at himself for too much time… but it’s okay. My life felt forfeit too long to let it be like that for the rest of my life. I found myself in you and for that, I am grateful. I found the love inside, which I was searching for, and I am grateful. I am grateful for who I am and who I can become… I am starting to bloom into this beautiful flower from a tainted soil… and for that, I am grateful that I met you. In exchange, I wish you the best, I wish you will be happy with yourself the way I am now. Always remember, the path to me is never locked, nor tainted. I am here. It’s me, the real me who is here. The real me… with piano, neuroscience… the animal lover… the shrink. I am home.


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